Welcome to EPICXE.com Rocket.Chat!

The Rocket.Chat desktops apps for Windows, macOS and Linux are available to download here. The native mobile app, Rocket.Chat, for Android and iOS is available from Google Play and the App Store. Via any internet browser, visit https://epicxe.com or if you use the Rocket.Chat client, Join workspace server epicxe.com - create username from within the app. For further help, please consult the documentation.

For video conferencing, Rocket.Chat uses the Open Source platform https://jitsi.org/. Video quality when in a group may vary. When initiating video, Rocket.Chat will launch a new window browser tab. There are several options e.g. set password or invite in others. Visitors can also install the mobile app for IOS/Android called Jitsi meet.


- You can create private channels

- You can invite friends and family/ anyone to start a channel/ video

- You can disable notifications on channels or your mobile client may spam you with alerts

- Moderators may join public channels

- Private channels are not monitored

- This is open source meaning free to use for all

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